Covid-19, or more commonly, the Coronavirus has been the hottest topic in the past few weeks for obvious reasons. The Virus originated in China and spread rapidly, infecting thousands, and affecting millions, including facilities worldwide. 

We’ve decided to generate a list of suggested precautions because we believe Visitt is the ultimate tool for facility management, especially today. These anecdotes were all collected from our customers, in hopes of clearing some doubts regarding facility health in these strange times. 

Spread hand sanitizers. 

While you and your team are working so hard to keep your facility at the highest standards, large numbers of people cross by it every day. Make sure these people are offered the best means to protect themselves. Having hand sanitizers scattered across your facility and lobby will ultimately keep you and your tenants healthy.

Adapt yourself to the changing environment. 

People are becoming increasingly accustomed to the new situation, and their awareness of hygiene rises. More and more paper towels and soap will be used in the near future. Make sure you have enough supply for the next few months and prepare for more frequent refills. Provide your facility with the correct equipment and ensure safety for your tenants and staff. 

Pay attention to detail. 

Door handles, elevator buttons, and handrails are exposed to constant contact with the public. Conclusive research proves the virus can be transmitted through inanimate objects, an extra cleaning round could always make you, your team, and your tenants feel safer.

Be flexible. 

You may or may not have been exposed to the virus yet, but in reality, no group of people has been proved to be immune to getting infected. We hope everyone stays healthy and that you will not have to deal with COVID-19, but you need to prepare for spontaneous changes and adjustments. We recommend having backup employees just in case anything goes wrong, and more importantly, opening your eyes and being responsible for one another.

Use your tenants.

Operational insights gathered from your engineers, security teams, or cleaning personnel can never compare to the amount of direct data shared by your tenants. During these days, encourage your tenants to report everything they see. This will keep you updated and as long as you keep pace with your tenants, you will know you are doing your best to prevent anomalies at your facility.

Take full advantage of Visitt. 

According to limited knowledge available today, remaining sanitary is a best practice measure for the prevention of Covid-19. The vast majority of Visitt customers already complete cleaning tasks monthly, weekly, and most commonly- daily. We recommend increasing the frequency of these assignments, reducing the chances of getting infected with the Coronavirus.


Visitt’s features seamlessly ease work for facility managers worldwide. Using our unique tools facilities gain the ability to remain in control despite the circumstances. For more help, contact us today on any of our social platforms, or email us at [email protected] .

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